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Living in Southwest Florida comes with certain inherent problems, one of which is power outages. They can be caused by a number of different scenarios, storms, hurricanes and frequently just the electrically charged lightning strikes that are often around, despite a lack of a storm.

GeneratorIt is always prudent to have an alternative means of power during those situations, preferably a generator, whether it be for the whole house or partial. A generator will take a lot of the inconvenience out of the equation when an outage occurs, but you need to access your needs and correctly match the generator with those needs.

A good way to start is to decide what you are going to want to power when your electricity goes down. Unless you are doing a whole house backup

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Yesterday’s real estate news for Florida seemed a bit more positive, certainly a sign that the market has stabilized and we should be seeing more positive signs of a recovery as we push ahead. It all centers on the favorable economic conditions, low mortgage rates and the job growth market in Florida as well. Existing single family home sales for the month of July were in line with sales during the same period in 2001 and 2002.

The National Association of Realtors updated market forecast is calling for an increase in sales with existing single family homes, certainly good news in helping decrease the burgeoning inventories. What will help will be getting buyers off the sidelines and into the decision making process. If they perceive that the market has

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PierNaples, Florida has a wonderful and rich history. Prior to its discovery, the only people to traipse the white sand beaches were the Caloosa Indians. It was basically discovered and first settled in the 1860s by Roger Gordon and Joseph Wiggins, (two passes that open from the Bay to the Gulf remain named after them.) Later in the 1870s and throughout the 1890s, northern magazines touted the area’s “mild climate” and the fact that it’s Bay surpassed that of Naples, Italy…hence the name Naples caught on. And as Naples caught on through promotion and advertising, it amuses me to think that beachfront lots rose in price to $125. Today that same lot can go for as high as $20,000,000.

Soon it became a winter retreat for many celebrities, Greta Garbo, Hedi

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LettermanI enjoy blogging, but you know sometimes you just get ‘writer’s block’ and can’t think of anything that you want to write about. I certainly laud the people who write every day and it flows like water. I envy the fact that they seem to come up with something interesting or entertaining, whether it be about real estate or not. When I can’t seem to think of anything, I just won’t post for the sake of posting.

I read somewhere that top 10 lists are good thing to blog about, so here it is…the top ten list of common mistakes that can cost a home seller thousands of dollars. (I don’t believe that an explanation after each one is necessary.) The order that they are in is not necessarily by order of importance.





1.   Improper Pricing

2.   Not

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Having just completed another short sale and being called today on yet another to list, I find myself in a quandary as to whether I really want to start doing more and more of them. It isn’t that they are particularly hard to get done, it is more a question for me of whether I truly want to start focusing on other people’s problems. Friends have said why not, it was their stupidity, (I prefer to look at it as a lack of knowledge,) that got them into trouble in the first place. Either way for me, it isn’t the easiest thing to mentally gear yourself up for.

MoneyhouseShort sales are prevelant all across the country and I would expect that we will see more and more over the next couple of year at least. The only real good news is that a short sale will stave off and

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