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Casual elegance best describes Grey Oaks and the Estuary at Grey Oaks, one of the premier golfing communities in Naples offering 3 exciting championship courses to choose from as well as 2 distinct clubhouses.

One of the things that makes Grey Oaks extremely attractive, outside of its magnificant setting, is the location which puts it just minutes from Olde Naples, downtown and the beaches. Built by the Collier family, the community carries on that tradition of excellence established by Barron Gift Collier for whom Collier County is named.

The community offers a wide variety of product in both Grey Oaks as well as the Estuary at Grey Oaks. In addition to substantiual single family estate homes, there are large attached and detached villa homes, as

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Having just completed my C.I.P.S. (Certified International Property Specialist) course because I'm interested in the foreign buyer and establishing a base in certain countrys, it was gratifying to read an article recently about the increase of foreign interest in Florida properties. Coupled with that, I have tracked the countries around the world that have produced interested customers for greater Naples Real Estate opting in through my website at The numbers are staggering!

Naturally with the advent of the Canadian dollar again almost on par with the US dollar, the Canadians lead the league. Since the first of the year, there were an amazing 20,599 hits from the province of Ontario followed by Quebec with 2,902 and British

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While talking with a fellow realtor about the other day, I listen to her complain about the number of realtors there are in Naples. (Back at the height of the market, there were over 6,000 and I always said that there were about 4,000 too many.)

The complaining was not about the number of realtors, as much as how many realtors there were who messed things up badly and should have stuck to hairdressing, bartending or whatever they did before they got their real estate license! I have always maintained that the State makes it too easy to get your real estate license and the bar should be raised significantly higher.

So this morning I reading my Naples Daily News and in the Community Section I find an article written by Chris Griffith, a realtor who

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I recently read an article in Time Magazine that questioned the wisdom of purchasing a home in this market. The cover read Rethinking Home Ownership subtitled Why Home Ownership May No Longer Make Economic Sense. Yet a scant four years ago their cover shouted Home Sweet Home as they asked Will Your Home Make You Rich? Oh how contrarian. I maintain that despite the economy, there are good many reasons to purchase a property in Greater Naples now!

You can get a great deal on property at every price point, and the good news is that you'll get a better home in this market. Yes, we are depleting inventory by 10% to 15% a month, but more and more is coming on with the advent of the upcoming season the deals will continue. Mortgages are cheap, near 4.3% (I

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The short sales seem to be dominating the Naples Real estate Market at the moment and there seems to be no let up in sight.

Last month set a record of sorts for the amount of bank foreclosures and short sales, amounting to over 50% of the units sold in August. As mentioned previously, the under $300,000 sales have been driving the market of late.

People are always looking for the deals and there are many deals to be had. The current state of the economy has some buyers rather cautious about how they are spending their money and it is that state of mind that seems to be driving the market.

interesting fact is that the investors are back in the game chasing homes to be either fixed up and rented or resold for a profit. Naturally the bank-owned

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twin_eagles_closed_350Great news for those waiting to see what the outcome of the Twin Eagles Gold and Country Club debacle that has been going on for the past several years. In 2099 the financially strapped Bonita Bay Group closed both of the community's championship golf courses and clubhouse.

On Friday the Ronto Group and Angelo, Gordon & Co. purchased Twin Eagles from the Bonita Bay Group for $11,000,000. The residents are thrilled with the announcement and will be joining the new club as either social sports, golf members or a combination of both. Plans also call for a state-of-the-art fitness center and resort-style pool at the clubhouse. Both golf courses, the Talon and Aerie will be will be enhanced and refreshed.

The decision has been long awaited and will generate

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Naples, FL - September 17th, 2010


Home sales under $300,000 continue to be very active according to the latest report by the Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR).

Pending sales increased 11% during the month of August compared with the same month in 2009 and lead the market in sales as buyers continue to seek value. What makes it interesting is the fact the this increase is despite the ending of the federal tax credit for new home buyers.


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weather_301We are often asked about the weather here in South Florida by people interested in moving to the area. All they know is that they've been told that it get hotter than hades in the summer time.

While it can certainly get hot, especially during July, August and September, there is that wonderful time of year usually beginning in October when we turn off the air conditioning, open all the windows and allow the home to breathe and air out. That time can run for almost a full 6 months or more and what a delightful time of year that is!

To get an idea of how the temperature are during the different times of the year, see the chart below.


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Record High
Average High
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hurricane-ivan_400We just passed the halfway point of the 2010 hurricane season, and although not a storm touched Florida, the National Hurricane Center predicts an equally active second half. Naturally the key is to be prepared and stay on guard.

Coming from coastal New England, I've been through my my share of hurricanes. Now having lived in Naples, Florida for the past 20 years, I've been through a hurricane or two as well.

It was interesting the very first year I lived here Andrew came roaring across the everglades, passing just south of Marco Island. Pat (my other half) and I had just purchased a small Michigan home in Olde Naples and we rode the storm out in that 1968 built home. I remember going outside as the eye passed over and seeing how absolutely calm it

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maplewood400_400Yesterday I blogged about gated and non-gated communities and it brought to mind a wonderful small non-gated community in Naples that often seems a bit overlooked. That community is Maplewood.

Maplewood is a wonderful low-density community consisting of single family homes and attached villa homes surrounding two large lakes. I say that it sometimes get forgotten because it is not likely to be first on one's list for communities close in to Olde Naples and the beaches, and yet it should be. The community is quite close in located off Radio Road.

Currently, there are 17 homes for sale ranging from a low of $174,000 for a 3 bedroom/2 bath home to a high of $359,899 for another 3 bedroom/2bath home. To date there have been 2 closed sales at $175,000 and

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