November 2010

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One of our agents at Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. just penned an article about what California has implemented regarding the responsibilities of listing agents specifically related to 'short sales'. As he does, I believe that measures quite similar should be expected in the State of Florida in the very near future.

It should be a warning to all agents who list and sell 'short sales'!


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hawksridge_newThere are many good gated communities within the vast area that Naples encompasses, but one of my all-time favorite gated communities is Hawksridge for many reasons.

Hawksridge is a low-density luxury community and centrally located directly off Airport-Pulling Road on the southbound side and just up the street from Grey Oaks. Here you will find single family homes sitting larger homesites that range in size from 1,800 to nearly 4,600 square feet along with large coach homes and condominiums. There are tennis courts and a pool and clubhouse that are located within the heart of the complex.

What makes this especially attractive to me is the fact that it is a mature community in terms of landscaping plantings and such, giving it a sense of great privacy

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chinese-drywall_400During the building boom of the mid-2000s, drywall was at a premium and builders imported a ton of it from overseas and South America. Manufacturing plants in the United States also imported a lot of the material compounds that goes into the making of drywall and, unknown to them, that also was a problem. Much of that material contained the bad compounds inherent in bad drywall. Therefore what is commonly referred to as 'Chinese Drywall" can also be American Drywall as well!

The problems with bad drywall are many. For starters the wiring in the walls will corrode leading to the corrosion and failure of air conditioning units. Piping and silver jewelry will turn black and there can be a distinct smell of rotten eggs.

There are known health problems

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shortsales_350One of the things that absolutely drives me bonkers is the fact that real estate listing agents are not required to identify a potential short sale in the public remarks in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). For reasons unknown, (and no one has been able to properly explain it to me), listing agents disclose that they are listing a potential short sale in the confidential remarks that can only be seen by subscribers to that particular MLS and not the general public.

To me it's totally crazy, as well as a huge waste of time for we agents who have to constantly explain that the listings that our customers are identifying are short sales. Then begins the rather lengthy process of explaining exactly what a short sale is, how unlikely they are of obtaining

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