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cliffs-cottage-l_400One of our top agents, Paul Schmidgall, in his prior life was a chef for one of the estate homes in Port Royal and wrote a short blurb about the value of having an Eco-Savy Kitchen.

With the move toward "green building" there has been one room that has been left behind in the dark ages.  Our kitchens,they are beautiful and efficient but many lack environmentally friendly touches.  Here are a couple of tips to help you be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing style.

- select energy star rated appliances
- look for cabinets that have been made with renewable resources such as bamboo or
- use low VOC paints (volatile organic chemicals) they are now readily available in many stores
- consider using induction cooktops instead of gas or electric
- construct countertops from ecofriendly materials such as recycled glass,  ceramic tile mixed with concrete
- use sustainable flooring such as cork or bamboo
- install water preserving faucets

These are all little steps that make your home more Eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or astethics.

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