Posted by V.K. [Mel] Melhado III on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 8:56pm.

short-sale-help-button_347_01One of the more frustrating things to me is people searching for property on the internet, for the most part, do not know whether they are looking at 'potential short sales' or foreclosed units because that information is primarily disclosed in Confidential Remarks which the public does not see.

I have people all the time telling me that they see far more listings out there then what I'm sending them in their price range.  When they send me the MLS numbers for me to look at, almost all of them are potential short sales or foreclosed units or units in locations where I would not want them to purchase.

The whole process becomes one of education which I suppose is O.K., but it takes up a lot of time and effort. I think that it would be far easier if our board, NABOR or the Florida Association of Realtors required listing agents to dosclose whether a property is a potential short sale or foreclosure in the public remarks so all can see. It would make the job of the agent far easier when it comes to working with buyers!

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